Parking Amnesty

Charming our way onto holiday shoppers’ lists, by taking them off of ours.

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Earned Media Value


Return on Investment

1.3 million

Audience Reached

Violators will be bowed.

Holiday gift awaits unsuspecting parking violators during surprise promotion.

Coal might work for Santa Claus, but we’ve found sweets to be more effective in winning hearts and minds. That was the insight behind this low-cost promotion, created to bring holiday shoppers to downtown Pensacola, Fla., and to generate goodwill for its parking enforcement officers.


In a surprise move, the officers handed out holiday cards in lieu of tickets. They were cleverly designed to fit into a standard ticket envelope and included a token for free parking, a personal greeting and a message encouraging visitors to share their experience on social media. Recipient expressions quickly changed from annoyance to joy when “tickets” were opened. Videos were quickly picked up by the Associated Press and played on television stations across the county.

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